“Road to Development Work: An intense training to enable freshers in channeling their approach toward development volunteerism”
Out of 300 youth who applied to join the organization back in November 2023, 77 in Project Kombol and 31 in Project Pothchola were selected from the interview. 46 out of these 77 passed the first probation stage of fundraising and executing the winter drive campaign, and were invited to attend the day-long “Road to Development Work” training session, where volunteers learned in-depth about the difference between social work and development work, and how to plan and execute a project successfully.
Ahmed Fahmi, Manager, Project Pothchola, and Mohammad Saifullah Mithu, President of GBF facilitated the sessions. Samiul Karim, a prominent marketing and communication specialist hosted a session on the efficient use of digital tools in communications. 14 new volunteers from Project Pothchola joined this segment as well.
The session, held at Caritas Development Institute Malibagh on Friday the 2nd of February 2024, provided the attendees with a comprehensive knowledge of what their development volunteering journey is going to look like, and how they can maximize the impact on beneficiaries’ lives.
46 volunteers were divided into 5 teams and since the training day, they have started building their distinct projects aimed at assisting several extremely vulnerable communities in Bangladesh.
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