Emergency Response (formerly Project Kombol)

Bangladesh has historically been a land of natural disasters, with frequent floods and cyclones wreaking havoc on people living on the margins. With climate change expected to disproportionately affect low lying countries, Bangladesh’s fight with natural calamities is unlikely to end anytime soon.

Our Pathway to Countering Hazards 

Project Kombol– the project which eventually evolved into Give Bangladesh Foundation, has been geared towards emergency disaster response. Although the project began with winter clothing drives to help impoverished Bangladeshis survive cold weather, Project Kombol expanded its emergency responses to cover both man made and natural adversity – be it flood, cyclones or the Rohingya crisis. From the inception of Give Bangladesh Foundation’s journey, it emphasized upon responding to disasters in order to mitigate the pain of distressed localities and communities. These responses typically consist of three parts- urgent relief, stable support and post-disaster rehabilitation. 

Emergency Response Gallery