Project Lorai

While Bangladesh has made significant strides in recent years towards becoming a middle income country, there is still much work to be done in terms of ensuring equitable access to economic opportunities for women, third gender and other marginalized communities. Give Bangladesh Foundation (GBF) believes in the right of every Bangladeshi to have the right to economic opportunities for financial independence. Thus Project Lorai – an initiative of GBF, has begun working with the goal of improving the economic wellbeing of women from marginalized and deprived communities. 

After rigorous data collection and analysis, followed by project piloting through our extended platform, Project Lorai has accomplished the following: 

  • Establish one fully fledged sewing training facility
  • Sustainable livelihood for Tiger-widows of Sunderbans
  • Finished a 6 Months’ training for creating Skilled Birth Attendants in riverbeds.

Project Lorai has long term to involve in the process of incorporating members of third gender into our initiative. In addition, based on our data analysis, we are working on increasing the number of beneficiaries soon. Amongst three of our major campaigns (Purbo-Poshchim for floating sex workers sewing training, Gorbhodharibni for creating SBA & Tiger Widows income generation), each has surpassed the pilot phase. Our ultimate vision is to scale our initiative to the extent where it can play a significant role in reducing gender and social bias in Bangladesh’s economy, culminating in financial independence among our target population.

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