Projects of Give Bangladesh Foundation

Give Bangladesh is a charity crowdfunding platform that connects curated social work projects with Bangladeshi donors living across the globe. The platform has been envisioned and founded by the same people who came up with a popular relief distribution platform (Project Kombol) in Bangladesh.

We believe in the power of charity to make meaningful impact. Crores of taka are donated each year to social causes in Bangladesh, but only a small portion is expected to make any lasting impact. Feeding a street child once with 100 taka is often more appealing to donors than giving washable sanitary napkin to underprivileged women, but the latter has much greater potential for impact through increased lifetime earnings.

At Give Bangladesh, we strive to convince donors that their charity deserves to make a difference. We prod them to ask the right questions, and help them find projects that satisfy our stringent criteria for potential impact. If you want to learn more, give us a call at +8801753932461

Improving Yield and Income of Farmers Living in Flood Affected Deltas

Project Folon (ফলন) has developed a multi-prong approach to address the issues faced by untapped farmers of North Bengal Riverbeds, with access to capital, agricultural training, development of market access, and training on personal finances forming the core pillars of our intervention.

Till date, Project Folon has worked with 510 Farmers & currently running the Fourth cohort consisting of 420 more farmers. We have extended the operations in Sirajganj as the second project area after Gaibandha.

Improving Access to Clean Water and Sanitation Facilities

Pockets of the water crisis in Bangladesh can be divided into three categories- Scarcity of drinkable water in the flood-prone northern region, the prevalence of saline water in the southern region & drying out of water sources in Chittagong Hill Tract areas.

Project Ombu continues to explore solutions that will ensure adequate availability of drinkable water in the areas of Bangladesh where the water crisis is acute. We work with local & national experts and community members to find effective as well as innovative solutions to specific problems.

Integrating Sex Workers' Children into Mainstream Society

Project Pothchola is a project under Give Bangladesh Foundation that works with the children of sex workers to help them realize their potential and integrate with mainstream society.  Launched in 2014, this project has been working ever since.

Besides taking regular educational sessions for the children for their mental and moral development, the project is geared towards arranging innovative events and programs for the kids – helping them feel a sense of inclusion within mainstream society. The range of the events held so far includes annual book reading challenges, cultural events, etc.

Educating Bangladeshi Teens on Menstrual Hygiene and Improving Accessibility to Hygiene Products

Project Konna is an initiative of Give Bangladesh Foundation, which focuses on poverty-stricken regions where menstruation is considered taboo, with the social stigma contributing to health problems of women in the community.

Our goals are to: 

  • Reduce the rate of school dropout due to menstruation.
  • Reduce the rate of women’s health issues due to poor menstrual hygiene management.
  • Reduce stigma among the underprivileged, disadvantaged, and marginalized populations by increasing MHM awareness
Providing Economic Opportunities to Women and Marginalized Communities

Give Bangladesh Foundation believes in the right of every Bangladeshi to avail economic opportunities for financial independence. Project Lorai has begun working with the goal of improving the economic well-being of women from marginalized and deprived communities.

Our vision is to scale our initiative to the extent of playing a significant role in reducing gender and social bias in Bangladesh’s economy, culminating in financial independence among our target population. Floating Sex Workers, Unskilled Birth Attendants & Tiger Widows are current beneficiaries of this project.

Rapid Relief Material Distribution for Communities Affected by Disasters

Project Kombol– the project which eventually evolved into Give Bangladesh Foundation, has been geared towards emergency disaster response. Although it began with winter clothing drives to help impoverished Bangladeshis survive cold weather, Project Kombol expanded its responses to cover both man-made and natural adversity – be it floods, cyclones, or the Rohingya crisis. From the inception of Give Bangladesh Foundation’s journey, it emphasized responding to disasters in order to mitigate the pain of distressed localities. These responses typically consist of three parts: urgent relief, stable support, and post-disaster rehabilitation.