Project Ombu

Over 4 million people lack access to safe drinkable water in Bangladesh according to WaterAid. The goal of the project Ombu is to reduce that number to zero. To achieve that objective, we are undertaking multiple initiatives.

To ensure access to uncontaminated drinking water in flood prone regions, we are installing double platform tube wells. During floods, the tube wells at the ground level can be moved to an elevated platform, providing much needed water access. In remote hilly areas of Chattogram where water is scarce, we are building safe drinking water reservoirs. The majority of people in these remote hilly areas struggle to collect safe drinking water in non-monsoon seasons, spending hours every day collecting water from distant places.

Give Bangladesh divided the pockets of water crisis in Bangladesh into three categories-

  • Scarcity of drinkable water in the flood prone northern region
  • Prevalence of saline water in southern region
  • Drying out of water sources in Chittagong Hill Tract areas in the dry season.

Project Ombu continues to explore solutions that will ensure adequate availability of drinkable water in the areas of Bangladesh where the water crisis is acute. We work with local & national experts and community members to find an effective as well as innovative solution to specific problems, whether it is a well, a piped system, a double platform tube well, a submersible pump run by solar energy, or a process of water treatment through bleaching. Project Ombu has been efficiently solving socio-political discrimination & lessening the inequality of opportunity through managing drinkable water for underserved communities.

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