Project Oxygen

"In 2010, Bangladesh had 2.22 million hectares of natural forest, extending over 16% of its land area. In 2023, the country witnessed a significant reduction in tree cover by 17.8 kilo hectares, equivalent to a staggering 10.9 Metric tons of CO₂ emissions.”

Global Forest Watch

In response to the escalating climate challenges and the alarming loss of tree cover, ‘Project Oxygen’ embarks on a visionary journey with the aspiration of planting half a million trees over a decade. Launched in 2020 with the resolute motto “Shokto Kori Bangladesh”, the project is driven by the passion to restore and rejuvenate the green landscapes of Bangladesh. Throughout 3 campaigns, the Give Bangladesh Foundation (GBF) has successfully planted a cumulative total of 53,600 trees in the cyclone-devastated coastal regions of Khulna and Satkhira.

Project Oxygen 4.0 aims to carry the legacy of the previous campaigns in meeting a bigger target of planting 200,000 trees in Dumuria, Khulna at the start of August 2024. The project seeks to invite all stakeholders to actively participate in the transformative journey, ensuring a greener and healthier Bangladesh for both present and future generations.

In 2020, ‘Project Oxygen’ took its first significant stride toward its mission of reforestation drives. The initial focus centered on the Sundarbans, ravaged by cyclone Amphan.

Give Bangladesh Foundation chose to celebrate the year marking the 49th anniversary of our independence by planting 49,000 trees in 49 minutes, in Koyra, Khulna. Multiple contributors included Bank Asia, BRAC Bank, IPDC Finance, Nijer Bolar Moto Ekta Golpo, Robi Axiata, and Shwapno (5,000 trees each), Dhaka Ladies’ Club (2,500 trees), and Epyllion Group (3,000 masks for volunteers).

Encouraged by the success of Oxygen 1.0, the project returned in 2021 with a smaller-scale execution by planting 1600 trees in Dumuria, Khulna.

Our campaign of greening Bangladesh continued, as Project Oxygen 3.0 was kicked off in Shyamnagar, Satkhira in 2023, planting 3000 trees. A notable highlight was our collaboration with schools with a call for student ambassadors, who received valuable extra-curricular recognition, including a certificate of appreciation and internship opportunities for the future.

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