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In the destitute corners of slums, their story begins—a tale woven with neglect, plagued by an unrelenting identity crisis at every turn of life’s path.

I am addressing the issue of children born into brothels. Within the social context of Bangladesh, sex work is perceived as an inappropriate profession. Despite the absence of proactive initiatives from either society or the government to generate alternative employment opportunities or enhance their living conditions, these children are unfairly subjected to societal condemnation due to their mothers’ occupation. As a result, the offspring of sex workers also endure the repercussions stemming from their mothers’ line of work.

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In 2014, the inception of ‘Project Pothchola’ marked the beginning of a journey aimed at fostering the mental growth and well-being of children born into the circumstances of sex workers, ensuring their proper care and development. Over the course of nine years, ‘Project Pothchola’ has diligently implemented a range of impactful initiatives tailored to benefit these children. Our primary goal is the seamless integration of these youngsters into mainstream society, focusing extensively on their holistic growth. We regularly conduct diverse sessions encompassing institutional and familial education, promoting creativity and intellectual development, while also organizing free medical camps to address their healthcare needs. In our efforts to instill a passion for reading, we’ve established a library and introduced our signature event, “Mogoj Dholai.”

The notable disparity between children born into sex workers’ families and other underprivileged youth lies in their upbringing, marked by exposure to a consistently challenging and violated environment right from the outset of their lives. Without timely intervention to remove them from this detrimental environment or the creation of opportunities for a secure and stable future, there’s a risk that these children may find themselves caught in the same profession as their mothers.

‘Project Pothchola’ has achieved successful rehabilitation by placing 10 children of sex workers into the ‘Joy Shokol Shishur’ shelter home. As part of our efforts, we have launched a child sponsorship program dedicated to guaranteeing the comprehensive growth and seamless integration of these children into society. Our objective is to fulfill their fundamental needs and provide backing for their extracurricular and recreational pursuits until they reach adulthood.

This entire initiative necessitates a monthly contribution of 4000 tk for each child. This amount encompasses various essential aspects: 2000 tk for food, 1500 tk for educational and miscellaneous expenses, and 500 tk allocated for medical needs and clothing. Your generous monthly donation of 4000 tk stands as a significant opportunity to meet the fundamental requirements of a child born into the circumstances of a sex worker. We earnestly appeal for your support in ensuring the physical and mental well-being of these children, enabling their integration into society.

To become either a full or shared sponsor for a child, kindly complete the Google form accessible through the link provided below. Your contribution will profoundly impact the lives of these children, facilitating their holistic development and integration into society.


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