Project Kombol Winter Drive 23-24

The meaning of winter consisted of dawn covered with mist, making tour plans, and having lively conversations with friends over hot snacks and tea/coffee from roadside Tea stalls. There’s no end to romanticism about winter. In this mechanical city, winter brings different types of joy for us.


But just imagine, what it would be like if there were no warm clothes or blankets for our own warmth in winter. Forget about the room heaters, what if the walls were made of bamboo or polythene? What would it be like if there were only the sound of tears freezing in winter’s wrath would be heard? What If there were only the icy cold breeze that doesn’t let someone feel their own existence, fills the surroundings making it even worse for you? Would you wait for this kind of winter?


Underprivileged people in remote areas are struggling against time year after year. They are managing these winters being in hunger, by covering themselves with worn-out thin clothes, lighting fires, and attempting to keep themselves warm. We can make their struggle a bit easier. You and I, together, can give them a chance to enjoy the winter. 


To give the touch of warmth to these people in the northern regions, the ‘Project Kombol’ was started in 2013. ‘Project Kombol’ has worked in 35 districts of the country, reaching 79,493 people with nearly 34 thousand blankets and more than 45 thousand winter garments.


‘The Winter Drive 2023-24’ of ‘Project Kombol’ aims to deliver blankets to at least 15 districts of cold-affected people in the country. For this, we have set the price of each blanket at only 300 taka.


With just 300 taka, one blanket can be given as a gift to a person in need in remote areas. Blankets brought by your assistance will reach a small village of Panchagarh or Dinajpur, bringing a little warmth to someone struggling in the cold.

Project Kombol Winter Drive 23-24 Gallery