“Local people are suffering a lot due to water scarcity and the considerable distance that must be traveled to collect water. Women go to fetch water 3 times a day but the distance is 30 minutes; it is also difficult to collect water due to the dense population. Often, if it gets late while farming, it becomes difficult to fetch water. And because there is less water in the water source, many return without getting a drop.”
This is how Changkhoy Mro, a resident of Renghin Para, described the local water problem. Situated 4 km away from Thanchi Sadar, reaching Changkhoy’s community takes a 40-minute boat ride and then a 1 hour and 30-minutes trek. Access to clean water, a fundamental component for healthy living, has eluded the residents of Renghin Para for years on end. To address this pressing issue, Give Bangladesh Foundation constructed pipeline transport systems with the support of Engineer Abul Kalam Trust & KKF. The systems use water from a Jhiri 3500 feet above ground level and features special filtration to remove debris. Three water collection points with a total of 8 taps have been installed in strategic locations, easing the burden of water collection. Additionally, to promote hygiene practices, especially among school children, two toilets have been constructed on school and hostel premises.