The government of Bangladesh, as an enthusiastic signatory, committed to the achievement of Education For All (EFA) at the World Education Forum held in Dakar, Senegal in April 2000. However, children living in brothels have disproportionately limited access to education in Bangladesh (UNICEF, 2009).


Providing education to the children of sex workers is a strenuous task in the Bangladeshi context. Barriers arise from society, the local community, and the brothel itself. These children are often cruelly teased about their mother’s profession, and their birth identity makes it difficult for them to even enroll in school. Some mothers struggle to manage their child’s educational expenses, such as tuition fees and the cost of study materials. These factors restrict the children from pursuing their studies, ultimately limiting their access to education.


From the very beginning, Project Pothchola has worked tirelessly to reintegrate underprivileged children, especially those born to sex workers, into mainstream society. Through our Child Sponsorship Program, we support their education and well-being by providing cultural enrichment, social security, and essential physical facilities. Our sponsors contribute to the financial and developmental needs of these children, ensuring they have access to quality education. From enrolling them in school to covering their educational expenses, we offer holistic support while keeping them safe in our shelters.


We envision a future where no children have to face any societal barriers in accessing their basic right to education, whether due to their birth identity or any financial limitations.