The Arombhon Campaign, a grassroots initiative, held its inaugural workshop in the Thanchi region of Bandarban, Bangladesh, on December 23, 2023. The event, held at the Niyabutpara Govt. Primary School, aimed to engage the Mro community, who face unique challenges due to language barriers and geographical remoteness.
After a proper need assessment the workshop began with a Training of Trainers (😭) session, led by volunteers of Project Konna, who provided valuable insights to local trainers Tharpaw Mro (16) and Paw Ring Mro (15).
The first official workshop, involving 10 Mro girls aged 13 to 18, was facilitated entirely in the Mro language. The workshop focused on menstruation, addressing traditional stigmas and emphasizing the importance of accessible, balanced diets, proper hygiene management, and proper cleanliness and disposal.
Project Konna provided washable pads and undergarments to support the girls’ menstrual hygiene journey. The project plans to organize a follow-up session to assess the workshop’s impact and gather feedback.