‘Project Oxygen’ embarked on a visionary journey in 2020 to plant half a million trees over the next decade.
After Project Oxygen in 2020 and Project Oxygen 2.0 in 2021, Project Oxygen 3.0, executed in September of last year in Satkhira, successfully planted 3,000 salinity-endured trees.
To date, 53,600 trees have been planted with your support!
A notable highlight of this campaign was our collaboration with schools and call for dedicated ambassadors, to which the S O S Hermann Gmeiner College Dhaka had responded heartily.
On January 10th, a small ceremony took place at the S O S Hermann Gmeiner College Dhaka, acknowledging and thanking the students and Principal Rafia Akter Ma’am for their significant contribution to planting 3000 trees. GBF extends our appreciation to the student ambassadors Fariha Islam Zarin and Mafruha Taskin Joyeeta, as well as students Anusha Tasnim Ahmed and Shoily Akter Mou. It is commendable that these young individuals have actively contributed to climate change mitigation!