We are thrilled to share the glimpses from the recent successful graduation ceremony for our amazing Regional Representatives!

At Project Konna, we are dedicated to sensitizing Bangladeshi youth about Menstrual Health and Hygiene (MHM). Our mission is to equip the next generation with the knowledge and tools they need to break the silence and create a future where menstruation is no longer a barrier. This vision came to life as we celebrated 14 incredible university students from CU and AUW who have become true champions for MHM working for local communities.


Throughout their journey, our Regional Representatives led impactful initiatives, from workshops and awareness campaigns to addressing access issues in marginalized areas. Their commitment and passion have brought a deeper understanding of the MHM challenges faced by many and have inspired positive change. The graduation ceremony was a momentous occasion, shining a spotlight on their tireless efforts and presenting awards to recognize their outstanding achievements.